Interlube Corporation manufactures a complete line of lubricants and cleaning compounds for the metalworking industry.

Metalworking can be classified into two types: metal forming and metal removal. Metal forming operations, such as forging, rolling, extrusion, drawing, wire drawing, stamping, swaging and roll forming, form metal through deformation of the metal. Metal removal operations remove metal by applying a tool at an appropriate speed and force to remove the metal as chips. These include turning, milling, broaching, threading, drilling, tapping, cutoff, grinding, polishing and lapping.

Interlube Corporation manufactures an extensive line of metalworking lubricants for all of the above metalworking operations. Straight oils, synthetics, and semi-synthetics are all available. A variety of viscosities, extreme pressure types, and additive combinations make it possible for Interlube Corporation to develop a metalworking product to do the job necessary for our customers. Interlube’s technical staff works closely with our customers to provide them the correct product and services for the job.

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