Lubrication Accessories

Interlube Corporation can provide you with the accessories needed to effectively use our products. We can supply you with grease guns and pumps, barrel pumps, and other fluid pumps, automatic grease lubricators, and many other types of lubrication systems. Please contact us for additional information or to place an order.

Grease Guns

The Vari-Matic Grease Gun is a heavy-duty, variable stroke, lever grease gun for use in a wide variety of applications.  This grease gun can be loaded with a standard 14 ounce grease cartridge, or power loaded through the filler plug.

The Pistol-Matic Grease Gun is a one hand operated, high pressure grease gun, designed for hard to reach lubrication points.  Can be loaded with standard 14 ounce grease cartridge or power loaded through the filler plug.

Our Grease Gun Loader Pumps are designed for direct transfer of grease from a drum, keg or pail into a grease gun without the need for grease cartridges.

Interlube Corporation can also supply you with many different types of air and battery operated grease guns. Please contact us for more information.

Barrel Pumps

The Heavy-Duty Barrel Pump is designed to efficiently pump a wide variety of liquid petroleum products. It produces a high vacuum for maximum pumping rate. It can be used on any size drum, 55 gallon, 30 gallon or 16 gallon.

Interlube Corporation can provide various types of air or electric operated drum pumps.

HydroMaster 208

The HydroMaster 208 is a drum mounted, liquid proportioner. It automatically mixes liquid concentrates with water, and dispenses the proportioned solution into any container or reservoir.  The HydroMaster 208 simply attaches to a standard water hose. The siphon tube drop into the drum of the concentrate material, and draws the concentrate through a metering tip to produce the desired dilution ratio.

Automatic Grease Lubricators

Interlube Corporation fills Electro-Lubers with many greases. The Electro-Luber uses an electro-chemical reactor cell that converts electrical energy in nitrogen gas. As the gas is produced, internal pressure builds in the bellows, and is applied to the orange piston. The piston forces the grease out of the lubricator. The Electro-Lubers are waterproof to 30 feet, and can mounted up to 3 feet away from the lubrication point.  They can be set to be emptied from 15 days to 2 years by a switch inside the automatic applicator.

Perma Lubers are somewhat similar to the Electro-Lubers, but instead of switch to determine how many days until empty, the Perma Lubers use different activating screws. The yellow activating screw will empty the applicator in one month, the green in three months, the red in six months, and the gray in twelve months. Interlube Corporation can fill the Perma Lubers with many of our greases.

Fluid Liquid Dispensers

The Gear-Matic I is a high volume fluid lubricant dispenser for open head pails. It is designed to pump any liquid lubricant including motor oil, gear and transmission oil, hydraulic oil, etc.  The Gear-Matic II has all of the features of the Gear-Matic I in a larger unit to fit 16 gallon drums.

Miscellaneous Lubrication Equipment Parts

Interlube Corporation supplies many parts for your lubrication equipment. Hydraulic and grease couplers, oil transfer equipment, flex hoses and loader nipples for grease guns, and other various parts are available. Please contact us for more information or if you have any questions.

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