Interlube Corporation manufactures a complete line of greases that are used in many applications in many different types of industries. Interlube manufactures mineral oil based and synthetic greases with a wide variety of oil viscosities, soap bases, and NLGI grades that are formulated to meet any specific application. With its extensive product line of greases, Interlube can handle any application encountered including very high and very low temperature applications.

Most greases are available in 14 ounce tubes (cartons of 10 or cases of 50), 35 pound pails, 120 pound kegs, and 400 pound drums.

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A 502 Grease

A502 Grease is a heavy-duty, multi-purpose grease, proven to be outstanding for chassis and bearing lubrication. It is fortified with extreme pressure agents to provide protection even when the best conventional lubricants fail quickly. The extreme pressure agents protect the bearing from scoring and destructive wear under the highest loading conditions. A502 Grease is a NLGI #2 grease. It is also available as a NLGI #1 (A501 Grease), a NLGI 0 (A500 Grease), a NLGI 00 (A5000 Grease) and a NLGI 000 (A50000 Grease).

B-10 Block Grease

is a solid lubricant for economical and highly efficient lubrication of side rods and journals of old steam engines. It was formulated for the lubrication of open bearings that are subject to heavy weight pressures and high temperature conditions of conducted heat from outside sources. It can also be used on side roads and wrist pins.

Blue Tacky 803 Grease

is a premium, heavy duty, multi-purpose lithium complex grease specially designed for both low and high temperature performance. This high melting point grease is enhanced with special additives to give it very high film strength, anti-wear and EP performance. It incorporates premium quality, high flash point oils and combines them with special polymers to give it greater staying power than conventional greases. It has a blue colored smooth tacky appearance that readily identifies it from normal automotive grease products. This combination also makes it very resistant to water and gives it that special adherence to metallic surfaces.

Cinn-Bio Rail Curve Grease L – 100

is a biodegradable, eco-friendly, rail curve grease formulated with a biodegradable vegetable oil, a lithium soap thickener and a high level of high purity synthetic graphite.  It contains no hazardous chemicals or chemicals containing volatile organic compounds (VOC).  This unique formulation contains additives to enhance the load carrying ability of its biodegradable base fluids boundary lubricant properties.  It contains a high level of synthetic graphite to provide added lubricity from graphite’s superior load carrying capabilities.  Its combination of fluid and solid boundary and EP lubricants allows for excellent load carrying capability and wear protection.

Cinnguard Greases

are special, PTFE containing, synthetic, food grade, non-melt grease formulations, which are odorless and nearly colorless. Their synthetic formulations give them truly outstanding performance at high and low temperatures and extremely long service life. They have excellent EP, anti-wear, anti-rust, anti-oxidation, and adhesive properties. The synthetic base fluids, used in their formulations, have a very high viscosity index making them excellent greases for use over wide temperature ranges. Cinnguard Greases are available in most NLGI grades and in a wide variety of oil viscosities.

Cinnlube 902 R

is a completely synthetic, high performance, multi purpose grease designed to cover those applications where conventional greases can’t stand the heat or cold. It has unequaled performance at both high and low temperatures. Its volatility is exceptionally low even at high temperatures due to its unique synthetic base stocks. It also has outstanding oxidation resistance and a high melting point. It also contains a combination of anti wear and extreme pressure performance additives to give it high load carrying properties. It has superior performance for all high speed bearing applications and is exceptional in high speed, high temperature applications. It is not designed for very heavily loaded slow speed applications. Overall it has unequaled high temperature performance and very good low temperature performance making it a truly outstanding multi purpose grease.

Endura Polymer Grease 802

is a super heavy duty, extreme pressure, multi-purpose grease proven to excel in difficult industrial applications. It has superior high and low temperature properties, providing performance over a wide operating temperature range, plus high load carrying ability and excellent water resistance. The polymers increase the adhesiveness and shock load carrying ability of the grease, adding to the basic outstanding performance. The unique combination of polymers, high melting grease base, and extreme pressure and anti-wear additives make this grease a truly multi-purpose lubricant.

Endura Polymer Grease HD 252

is a premium, very heavy duty, EP containing, multi-purpose grease designed for industrial, off road, mining, construction, farm and transportation applications. It meets tough NLGI certification tests for multi-purpose greases and is extremely water resistant and adhesive. It is formulated with a premium performance package of high film strength agents, extreme pressure agents and anti-wear agents to give it superior load carrying and protective properties. The polymers incorporated in the formula increase the adhesiveness and shock load carrying abilities of the grease. Its own unique combination of additives and premium quality base stocks make it a truly heavy-duty multi-purpose lubricant. It is a NLGI #2 grease and is available also as a #1 (251) and 0 (250).

Formula 101X24C Heavy Duty Hammer and Chisel Paste

Heavy Duty Hammer and Chisel Paste is a specially formulated grease for hydraulic hammers and other impact tools that require protection from shock loads. It is a high temperature and extreme pressure grease, fortified with copper and graphite that forms a protective film that reduces wear of contact surfaces.

High Temp Grease 9976A

High Temp Grease 9976A is a non-melting, synthetic grease, specially designed for very high temperature applications (up to 2500°C) where conventional greases fail.

HT Metallic Open Gear Cote

is a black colored, open gear grease, containing high levels of graphite to enhance its high temperature properties and its load carrying ability. It is very water resistant. Its very high flash point (>550ºF) and non-melting properties make it the lube of choice for many systems where higher temperatures rule out other products. It also can be used as an anti-seize product and on sliding surface applications.

Interlube Automatic Slack Adjuster Grease

meets AAR Specification M949.

AAR M-949 Slack Adjuster Grease Approval

Interlube AA Grease

is a special multi-purpose grease designed especially for low temperature applications but suitable for normal ambient applications. It is suitable for applications from -65˚ F to + 225˚ F and is a high load carrying grease. It meets the performance requirements of the specifications for Mil-G-10924C and Mil-G-10924D.

Interlube M-914-S

meets the AAR specification M-914 for use as a brake cylinder lubricant. It is approved by WABCO for WABTEC applications and by other manufacturers of railroad equipment for their applications. It meets the old AAR M-914-83 specification, is compatible with it, and exceeds its requirements for low temperature performance and some other areas. It also meets the requirements of the 2003 version of the AAR M-914 specification.

Journal Roller Bearing Grease

is designed for use as a long life Journal Roller Bearing Grease for non-field lubricated journal roller bearing applications. It is a long-life grease which meets AAR M-942-98 specifications and bearing manufacturers requirements. Journal Roller Bearing Grease has high oxidation stability, chemical resistance, water resistance, shear stability and outstanding corrosion resistance.

M 502 Grease

is a special moly (molybdenum disulfide), heavy duty, extreme pressure, multi-purpose grease proven to be outstanding for chassis and bearing lubrication in trucks, tractors, automobiles, fifth wheels, and industrial and construction equipment, as well as railroad applications. It is designed to give superior lubrication over a very wide range of conditions. The combined effects of moly and other extreme pressure agents give reduced wear and increased load carrying ability. M502 Grease holds up where conventional multipurpose greases fail.

Metallic Open Gear Cote

is a high load carrying, bronze colored, metal containing open gear grease. The bronze color enables you to easily determine, at a glance, if the gear is coated properly. It contains a combination of several types of solid lubricants and friction reducing additives as well as rust and corrosion inhibitors. It works well on moderate to high-speed gears on presses. It is also suitable for high temperature operations and has excellent water resistance. The metallic and other solid lubricants also aid in filling in imperfections and galled or damaged areas of older gear surfaces, allowing them to run more smoothly and last longer.

Moly Hi Lo Temp Multi-Purpose Grease

is a non-melt, multi-purpose grease that contains molybdenum disulfide (moly) to increase its load carrying ability. The moly plates out on metal surfaces providing a tenacious film that results in low friction and good wear protection. Moly Hi Lo provides outstanding performance at high temperatures of up to 550°F and above due to its high viscosity oils and non-melt thickener. It can be used in many applications on a wide variety of industrial equipment.

MT Gear Lubricant

is a traction motor gear lubricant designed for traction motor gearboxes on railroad diesel engines of all types. It was specially designed to lubricate the higher horsepower output per axle, traction motor drive units, developed by GE and EMD. This formulation is a non-leaded product to avoid the environmental problems associated with handling and disposal of leaded products. Even though it was developed for “newer” traction motor units, it is applicable to all older units, which called for the products that contained leaded EP additives. It incorporates a unique combination of lithium soap thickeners and very heavy, high viscosity, oils and additives. This combination provides long life protection to the gears and resists leakage from the gear case. It is packaged in convenient one-pound poly bags, which can be directly inserted into the gearbox.

Open Gear Grease MHTG 15

specially formulated to provide outstanding performance on all types of open gears and other industrial applications.  It is fortified with extreme pressure additives, graphite and other solid additives to provide excellent protection to all lubricated surfaces.

Rail Curve Grease CG-11

is a special low temperature pumpable grease designed for the lubrication of rail curves, switches, and other rail sections which require frequent applications of protective grease to aid operations and prevent excessive wear. It was designed especially for low temperature applications, high load carrying capacity, and resistance to corrosion in hostile conditions (especially those involving moisture, water, or even salt-water environments). This grease has excellent resistance to water washout and superior rust and corrosion resistance in addition to its excellent lubrication qualities. It contains a high level of a special synthetic grade of graphite to give it extremely high load carrying capabilities under extreme pressure conditions.

Red Hi Lo Temp Multi-Purpose Grease

represents a great advancement in high temperature grease technology. This multi-purpose grease provides exceptional service under a wide range of temperatures, pressures, moisture levels and adverse operating conditions. Red Hi Lo will pump at low ambient temperatures and provide excellent lubrication at high bearing temperatures of up to 550°F and above. The red color enables the operators to see at a glance where and when a part needs attention. Red Hi Lo is manufactured from the finest oils, thickeners, stabilizers, inhibitors and other additives and is produced with modern manufacturing techniques and close attention to quality control. This provides the user with a superior grease of outstanding reliability, which can result in substantially reduced maintenance costs, downtime and lubrication frequency. Red Hi Lo can be used to lubricate: ball bearings, conveyor bearings, wheel bearings, roller bearings and plain bearings in areas of high or ambient temperatures on any type of industrial equipment. Slides and glides, on various equipment, can also be lubricated. This grease can be applied by pressure systems, hand grease guns, and cups or just by hand. Because of the tenacity and non-melt features of this grease, vertical, horizontal or inclined areas do not present any problems or require special procedures.

Super Green HPG

Super Green HPG is a premium high performance, EP, lubricating grease that has exceptional mechanical stability, very high load carrying capacity, and excellent water resistance. It has exceptional EP performance as evidenced by its Four Ball EP-Weld Point of 500 Kg and 65 lb Timken OK rating. Its water washout rating of < 3% makes it one of the most water resistant products available. Not only is it very water resistant but it’s unique formulation gives it outstanding rust and corrosion resistance, even in the presence of high water and salt spray environments. It is truly a multi-purpose grease capable of handling high loads and giving long term protection under even some of the most hostile conditions.

Super White 1910 FG-2

is a synthetic, multi-purpose, food grade grease, specially formulated for moderate to high temperature applications where water or steam may be present.  It has outstanding water resistance, superior oxidation resistance and extremely high load carrying performance.  This special food grade grease formulation, meets US FDA regulations for a H-1 type lubricant (21 CFR 178.3570).  Its unique formulation gives it unsurpassed EP and anti-wear properties and exceptionally long service life.  It has superior shear-stability and lubricating properties over all conventional greases.  It also has an operating temperature range from – 30º F to +400º F and has exceptionally high EP performance and superior rust and oxidation resistance.

Switch Plate Lube M80B

is a unique sprayable or brushable coating specially designed to lubricate switch plates and other railway equipment. It protects them from corrosion and wear and allows for easy movement. It is formulated to penetrate rusty and dirty outer layers, and to carry its protective ingredients to the solid surface. Upon evaporation of the solvent it forms a gel like, semisolid film, which is extremely water resistant and has excellent lubricity. It contains molybdenum disulfide to provide added lubricity and superior load carrying capabilities. It does not become brittle even under wet, dusty, dirty, gritty and abrasive conditions.

Trailer Hitch Grease M-929-04

meets the 2004 specification AAR M-929, Grease For Lubrication of Trailer Hitches on Flat Cars.  This product is suitable for lubricating retractable trailer hitches, stanchions, and other jack screw type or knockdown-type devices used for on & off loading and securing highway trailers to flatcars.  It is a molybdenum disulfide containing EP type grease with a very high level of Moly to give a very high load carrying capacity.   It also has excellent rust and corrosion capabilities.

White Cote 99X132B

White Cote 99X132B is a polymer structured, zinc-free, white food grade grease with outstanding load carrying ability and superior high temperature performance.  Its unique combination of properties allows this one grease to meet nearly all of the total requirements of the food processing and pharmaceutical industries.

White Cote FM

greases are specially formulated, white food grade greases, designed to meet the requirements of the food processing and pharmaceutical industries. They are multi-purpose lubricants that meetUSDA Hl (lubricants for use with incidental food contact) requirements and comply with the FDA regulations, CFR Title 21, Paragraph 178.3570. All materials used in their manufacture are of the highest purity and are manufactured under strict and rigid control. White Cote FM food machinery greases are utilized in a very broad range of applications including conventional lubricating functions, as well as to serve as release and anti-rust agents and gasket & seal materials.

White Cote FM is a time proven multi purpose grease for the food processing industry. It has excellent rust, oxidation, and water resistance, and can be used for all operations with the exception of those calling for high EP or high temperature (greater than 225°F.) performance. It has excellent pumpability at low temperatures. White Cote FM is available in NLGI Grades 2, 1, and 0.

White Cote HTP

is a special polymer structured white food grade grease with outstanding load carrying ability and superior high temperature performance. Its unique combination of properties allows this one grease to meet nearly all of the total requirements of the food processing and pharmaceutical industries. White Cote HTP has a USDA H1 (lubricants for use with incidental food contact) rating and complies with the FDA regulations, CFR Title 21, Paragraph 178.3570. All materials used in its manufacture are of the highest purity and it is manufactured under strict and rigid control.

White Cote HTP is a heavy-duty performer with excellent rust, oxidation, and water resistance, and is specially formulated for high load carrying ability, tenacious adhesion, high temperature use, and wear reducing anti-wear performance. Its wide operating temperature range (0 – 400 o F) and high load carrying ability allow its use in nearly all applications. This exceptional multi-purpose food machinery grease finds use in a broad range of applications including the conventional lubricating grease functions as well as serving as a release agent, anti-rust agent, and gasket & seal material. White Cote HTP is available in NLGI 2, 1, 0, 00 and 000.

White Cote Super T-2

a superior multi-purpose food grade grease, specially formulated for moderate to high temperature applications where water or steam may be present.  It has outstanding water resistance, superior oxidation resistance and extremely high load carrying performance.

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