Wire Rope Lubricants

Interlube Corporation manufactures and distributes a complete line of wire rope lubricants. We manufacture grease-based, solvent-based, oil-based, and biodegradable wire rope lubricants. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements or to place an order.

Foaming Chain & Cable Lubricant III

is an aerosol product. It is a rust protective, extreme pressure lubricant that penetrates to the core of the cable and chain.

Moly Chain and Cable Lube Non Drip

is compounded with the highest quality base oils and additives. This dark gray lubricant has strong attraction to metals, assuring excellent lubrication of chains, sprockets, cables and wire rope. Moly Chain & Cable Lube Non Drip penetrates the rollers, pins, links and bushings of chains, leaving a lubricating film, and thus reducing friction, wear and corrosion. When applied to wire ropes and cables, this product will not only penetrate to the core, but the moly and other additives will plate the strands and provide anti-wear and rust protection. Moly Chain & Cable Lube Non Drip increases equipment life, reduces maintenance costs by reducing down time, and lowers power consumption. It can be used on material handling equipment, road and construction machinery, marine, railroad, mining, aircraft field handling, chain saws, cutter bars, conveyors, hoist chains, link and roller assemblies. It is available is several viscosities, making it useful in many different types of chain lubricating systems and application methods.

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