Interlube Corporation has many years of experience in supplying the paper industry with lubrication and cleaning products for the unique environments in the paper field. Interlube Corporation provides products to pulp and paper factories that manufacture all types of paper including: coated paper, newspaper, fine paper, tissue, packaging and wrapping paper, recycled paper, corrugated packaging, paperboard, paper toweling, personal hygiene, and forest products. We provide products for all stages of the paper manufacturing process.

Interlube Corporation manufactures a complete line of cleaning products that are formulated for the paper industry. General-purpose cleaners, solvents, floor cleaners, Formula 2600 Glue Pot Cleaner, coil cleaners, machine and parts cleaners, as well as felt cleaners are available.

Several felt cleaners have been formulated based on the type of cleaning that the customer desires (continuous or intermittent), or the type of cleaner the customer prefers (acid or alkaline). In some cases, our acid and alkaline cleaners can be alternated to remove different types of soil from felts. Interlube’s felt cleaners include Formula 2025, Formula 2036 LF, and Formula 4025.

Please see our Industrial Cleaners page for a more detailed description of our cleaners. Aerosol degreasing solvents and cleaners are also available.

Interlube Corporation has formulated many lubricants for the paper-making industry. Gear and bearing lubricants, several types of greases, including B 10 Block Grease for large journal bearings, #5 Pad Grease in burlap bags, hydraulic oils, vacuum pump oils, paper machine oils, chain lubricants, compressor oils, and open gear lubricants all find use in this industry.

High Temperature Machine Oil 1400 was developed to lubricate paper machines where high temperatures are encountered, requiring a high viscosity oil.

Corrugator Roll Oil #1 was formulated to lubricate the rolls on corrugator box machines.

Many aerosol lubricants are available, such as: Penetrating Oil, Chain & Cable Lubricant III,  general purpose lubricant/rust inhibitor, grease, and many others.

With our extensive experience in the paper-making industry, and our extensive product line, Interlube Corporation can provide the right product for any application encountered in this field.

We can custom design a product to meet your requirements. Please contact us for additional information or to place an order.

Thank you for considering Interlube Corporation as your lubricant and cleaning compound vendor and partner.