Rust Preventatives

Interlube Corporation manufactures a complete line of rust and corrosion preventatives. Solvent based, oil based, and water based rust preventatives are available and are customized to meet your specific needs. The duration of corrosion protection provided by these products ranges from indoor storage to long-term outdoor storage. Please consult with an Interlube Corporation representative to discuss your specific needs.

Here are a few of our products. We can custom design a product to meet your requirements. Please contact us for additional information or to place an order.

Thank you for considering Interlube Corporation as your rust preventative vendor and partner.

Bestcool 208

is a synthetic, heavy duty, water soluble, metal working fluid designed for a large cross section of metal working operations. This is not merely a coolant, a lubricant, or a rust inhibitor, but a unique combination of all these functions plus many added features. It contains a high level of additives, which improve lubricity and give it extreme pressure properties not found in most synthetic coolants. Also included are several additives designed to give it a long, trouble free life and prevent spoilage, bacterial growth, and residue build up. Unlike most metal working fluids, it is not affected by hard water, and functions to reduce the misting of water-based fluid. This metal working fluid itself acts as a light duty cleaner for parts and equipment, and deposits a short-term rust protective film.

Bestcut 105

is a multi purpose water-soluble fluid for a wide range of manufacturing and machining operations. Its high lubricity, excellent heat transfer properties, and non-reactive nature, make it a superior product, especially suited for use on nonferrous metals such as copper and aluminum. Its outstanding rust protective properties and oil base formulation give it desirable qualities for the protection and lubrication of equipment. It is designed to handle nearly all fabricating and machining operations on copper and aluminum, as well as cutting, drilling, milling, grinding, and turning operations.

Formula 3160A Iron Phosphatizer

is a combined cleaning – phosphatizing compound for preparation of steel and aluminum surfaces for coating applications. Use of Formula 3160A results in greatly improved paint adhesion and corrosion protection. Its cleaning action is so good that a pre-cleaning operation is not necessary in most cases. Formula 3160 A contains a unique combination of accelerators and promoters that speed up the phosphatizing action and assures a tough, durable, corrosion resistant coating.

Formula 6755-1 Water Displacing Rust Preventative

is a water displacing rust inhibitor especially suited for protecting parts and equipment during processing and/or storage. It has a unique penetrating – displacing action which results in the formation of an adherent – impenetrable rust preventative film. It contains solvent based materials which aid penetration and film formation and then evaporate, leaving a durable protective film which stands up to high humidity, weathering, and even water immersion or condensation run off. The protective film is slightly oily to the touch, transparent, and non conductive. Formula 6755-1 can be applied by brushing, dipping, slushing, or spraying. It forms a uniform film on dipping (~ 0.15 mil) and gives a high coverage rate.


products are a series of versatile and effective rust preventatives for use under the most severe corrosion conditions. The Protect-O-Cote products have solvent carriers and, on evaporation of the solvent, they deposit an amber, translucent, “dry to the touch” film that gives long-term indoor and outdoor corrosion protection. The film protects metal surfaces against corrosion when exposed to extremes of high humidity, high and low temperatures, water mists, salt-water sprays, and environmental fumes. Protection supplied by the Protect-O-Cote products ranges from a long term indoor storage from Protect-O-Cote 1000 to long term outdoor storage from Protect-O-Cote OS. Protect-O-Cote products do not remove rust, but after thorough removal of loose scales, they can be applied to rusted surfaces to prevent further corrosion.

Rust Preventative 208

is a completely synthetic, heavy duty, water soluble, rust inhibitor designed to give excellent rust protection for short-term indoor storage. Its water-based formulation makes it easy to dilute with water. Dilution ratios vary upon the amount of film desired and storage duration requirements. In general, 20:1 dilution gives very good rust protection. Rust Preventative 208 is formulated with additives designed to prevent spoilage, bacterial growth, and residue build up – giving it a long, trouble free life.

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