Technical Assistance

Interlube Corporation’s sales and customer service teams are aided by Interlube’s on-site research/development/analytical laboratory. Our lab provides many services for our customers to help you meet your lubrication and cleaning needs. Our goal is to partner with you to maximize the value to you of our extensive products and services.

Product Recommendations

Interlube Corporation can provide product recommendations based upon equipment manufacturers’ specifications and your actual field operating conditions. In many situations, Interlube is able to consolidate the number of different products required in a customer’s operation to minimize your inventory, storage, and risk of error.

Preventative Maintenance

Interlube Corporation’s lab provides its customers with preventative maintenance programs that can help prevent equipment problems or unnecessary repair and down time costs. Field samples of lubricants, such as hydraulic, compressor, gear box, motor, transmission, vacuum pump, metalworking, etc. are collected and sent to Interlube’s lab. Trace metal analysis is performed to check additive levels as well as wear metal levels. Viscosity is also checked. Some other tests may be performed as circumstances dictate, such as: TAN, particle count, presence of glycol, presence of water, fuel dilution, soot, bacteria, other contamination, etc. Based on these tests, the lab will recommend a specific course of action to be undertaken. In many instances, the tests will demonstrate that no corrective action is necessary. A very common problem is outside material contamination, such as the presence of water or an unknown outside contaminant. These tests can also reveal that the wrong lubricant is being used, or that an improper lubricant has been placed in the equipment in question. Interlube Corporation’s lab is experienced in offering suggestions to help resolve any problem that is encountered in our customers’ systems. We can provide product tagging, charts, and surveys to assist our customers in the proper maintenance of equipment.

Lubrication Surveys

Interlube Corporation is pleased to offer its customers lubrication surveys of your machinery in your facilities. An Interlube technical staff person or team will be happy to come to your facility and survey your equipment. Our staff will walk with you through your operations. After this initial inspection, we will produce a lubrication survey with equipment names and/or part numbers, type of equipment to be lubricated (gear, bearing, pump, etc.), Interlube’s recommended lubricant, method of application (grease gun, oil can, mister, etc.) and lubrication interval. We can set up a preventative maintenance lubrication schedule. A follow-up plant visit can be made to instruct and inform your maintenance personnel. The survey will be available to you for you to use as a lubrication guide. Please contact your sales representative or contact Interlube Corporation to set up a lubrication survey at your convenience.

General Problem Solving

Interlube Corporation is available to help you with any lubrication problem or question you may have. Whether you are currently using a lubricant that doesn’t seem to be performing as well as you expect, or you are uncertain which particular lubricant is appropriate for your application, Interlube Corporation can assist you. Our lab performs many different lubrication and related analytical tests that can be used for problem solving and product recommendations. Interlube Corporation’s extensive knowledge and experience in lubrication engineering and application allows us to determine what is the right lubricant for the job. The viscosity of an oil may be too high or low for the application. The NLGI grade or a soap base of a grease might be inappropriate or incompatible for the application in which it is being used. Our technical staff is available to visit your facility to observe your equipment operating conditions and discuss your needs. Please contact us with your requirements.

Lubrication Seminars

We are happy to present lubrication seminars to you and your employees. These seminars include basic lubrication, food grade lubrication, or other subjects in the lubrication field based on your needs. Please contact us to discuss.
Thank you for considering Interlube Corporation as your lubricant and cleaning compound vendor and partner.