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Interlube Corporation manufactures a complete line of specialty lubricants and cleaning compounds for the railroad industry.

We manufacture products for railcars, passenger cars, subway cars, metropolitan transit cars, amusement park trains, railroad tracks, journal bearings, locomotive engines, stationary engines, switch plates, valve gears, transmissions, etc.

Our products include rolling stock lubricants, curve greases, diesel engine oils, steam cylinder oils, gear lubricants, transmission lubricants, and cleaners.

Here are a few of our products. We can custom design a product to meet your requirements. Please contact us for additional information.

See our Aerosol Products, Industrial Cleaners, Gear Lube, and Grease pages for additional information.

Thank you for considering Interlube Corporation as your lubricant and cleaning compound vendor and partner.

Journal Oil AYG meets AAR specification M-963-84 for all year grade journal box lubricating oil. It is manufactured with highly refined, high viscosity index base stocks and provides excellent oxidation stability as well as rust and corrosion protection. It is available in all year grade, summer grade, and winter grade.

Journal Guard AYG meets AAR specification M-963-84 for all year grade journal oil and is designed to help railroads reduce costs incurred in storing equipment for extended periods of time. Journal Guard AYG is specially formulated to improve its adhesion to the metal surfaces and resist run off from journals stored for long periods of time. Provides excellent rust and oxidation inhibition to reduce bearing surface damage. The distinctive red color identifies Journal Guard AYG and aids in tracing leaks.

Journal Roller Bearing Grease is designed for use as a long life Journal Roller Bearing Grease for non-field lubricated journal roller bearing applications. It is a long-life grease which meets AAR M-942-98 specifications and bearing manufacturers requirements. Journal Roller Bearing Grease has high oxidation stability, chemical resistance, water resistance, shear stability and outstanding corrosion resistance.

Steam Cylinder Oils are specially refined lubricating oils compounded with certain high quality fixed oils in ratios appropriate to meet your specific steam cylinder lubrication requirements. No single steam cylinder oil is suited for all-purpose use. Steam Cylinder Oils are available in a wide range of viscosities and compounding grades to meet the requirements for all degrees of saturation and even superheated steam requirements. For best results, please contact your Interlube sales representative to discuss your specific application, use conditions and requirements.

Switch Plate Lube 446C is a unique sprayable or brushable coating specially designed to lubricate switch plates and other railway equipment. It protects them from corrosion and wear and allows for easy movement. It is formulated to penetrate rusty and dirty outer layers, and to carry its protective ingredients to the solid surface. Upon evaporation of the solvent it forms a gel like, semisolid film, which is extremely water resistant and has excellent lubricity. It contains molybdenum disulfide to provide added lubricity and superior load carrying capabilities. It does not become brittle even under wet, dusty, dirty, gritty and abrasive conditions.

MT Gear Lubricant is a traction motor gear lubricant designed for traction motor gearboxes on railroad diesel engines of all types. It was specially designed to lubricate the higher horsepower output per axle, traction motor drive units, developed by GE and EMD. This formulation is a non-leaded product to avoid the environmental problems associated with handling and disposal of leaded products. Even though it was developed for "newer" traction motor units, it is applicable to all older units, which called for the products that contained leaded EP additives. It incorporates a unique combination of lithium soap thickeners and very heavy, high viscosity, oils and additives. This combination provides long life protection to the gears and resists leakage from the gear case. It is packaged in convenient one-pound poly bags, which can be directly inserted into the gearbox.

M 502 Grease is a special moly (molybdenum disulfide), heavy duty, extreme pressure, multi-purpose grease proven to be outstanding for chassis and bearing lubrication in trucks, tractors, automobiles, fifth wheels, and industrial and construction equipment, as well as railroad applications. It is designed to give superior lubrication over a very wide range of conditions. The combined effects of moly and other extreme pressure agents give reduced wear and increased load carrying ability. M502 Grease holds up where conventional multipurpose greases fail.

Interlube M-914-S meets the AAR specification M-914 for use as a brake cylinder lubricant. It is approved by WABCO for WABTEC applications and by other manufacturers of railroad equipment for their applications. It meets the old AAR M-914-83 specification, is compatible with it, and exceeds its requirements for low temperature performance and some other areas. It also meets the requirements of the 2003 version of the AAR M-914 specification.

Rail Curve Grease CG-11 is a special low temperature pumpable grease designed for the lubrication of rail curves, switches, and other rail sections which require frequent applications of protective grease to aid operations and prevent excessive wear. It was designed especially for low temperature applications, high load carrying capacity, and resistance to corrosion in hostile conditions (especially those involving moisture, water, or even salt-water environments). This grease has excellent resistance to water washout and superior rust and corrosion resistance in addition to its excellent lubrication qualities. It contains a high level of a special synthetic grade of graphite to give it extremely high load carrying capabilities under extreme pressure conditions.

Endura Railroad Diesel Engine Oils are high performance railroad diesel engine oils specially designed for Generation III and Generation IV engines. They meet the requirements for Alco, GE and GM-EMD engines and are zinc free to prevent corrosion of silver bearings. They are formulated using high quality, highly refined base stocks and incorporate rust and oxidation inhibitors, anti-wear and anti-foam agents, detergents and dispersants. The SAE 40 grade is the most popular but they are available in other grades if desired. These oils have a 13 TBN to assure extended life and allow long life even with higher sulfur fuels. This 13 TBN formulation has been shown, in diesel engine tests, to greatly reduce deposits compared to lower TBN products.

Carbonless Air Compressor Oils are specially designed for reciprocating compressors to eliminate damage that carbon deposits can cause in these air compressors. Most oils will form very hard carbon deposits, which can cause extensive damage and loss of performance. Any trace amount of carbon formed from Carbonless Air Compressor Oils is of a very soft fluffy nature and is easily blown away, with the air discharge, leaving no damage to valves or rings, resulting in longer trouble free operation. They are available in a wide range of viscosities. Most units use the # 30 or # 40 grade but some units with direct injection into the cylinder head use the # 20 grade.

R-10 Block Grease is a solid lubricant for economical and highly efficient lubrication of side rods and journals of old steam engines. It was formulated for the lubrication of open bearings that are subject to heavy weight pressures and high temperature conditions of conducted heat from outside sources. It can also be used on side roads and wrist pins. R-10 Block Grease is available in 22 pound blocks with dimensions of approximately 15” X 12” X 6”.

Triple Valve Oil eliminates sticking and prevents galling and corrosion in triple valves

Locomotive Valve Gear Lubricant is a high viscosity lubricant for oil lubricated valve gear bearings. It reduces consumption by remaining in the bearing, rather than on the running gear collecting dirt.

Dry Moly Lubricant is a non-chlorinated, long lasting, dry film lubricant & coating for extreme temperatures & pressures which is particularly suitable for dirty or dusty environments. Reduces friction & wear. Inert to water, oil, alkali, and some acids. Leaves a dry lubricating surface. For use on bearings, gears, compressors, motors, chains, conveyors, etc. Adheres to metal, rubber, glass, & most plastics.

Silicone Lubricant II is used to lubricant passenger coach windows and seat mechanisms, door hinges, drawers, locks, etc. Meets USDA H-1 requirements.

Five Way Action NC is used to free rusted bolts, clean and lubricate air brake equipment, lubricate angle bars prior to installation, lubricant and cool rail drills, free rusted linkages, etc. It provides cleaning, moisture displacement, lubricating, penetrating, and rust prevention.

Formula 2028 Liquid Steam Cleaner is a heavy duty, multi-purpose, liquid alkaline cleaner concentrate formulated for use in high pressure hot water or steam cleaning equipment to remove heavy deposits of dirt, grime, oil and grease. The convenient liquid form allows it to be proportioned directly from a drum using an eductor system, or it can be easily premixed in a tank.

Formula 2600 Multi-Purpose Cleaner is a synthetic concentrate that cuts your inventory because it replaces all your special cleaners. It is easy and economical to use because you add and adjust the water level depending on the soil load. Formula 2600 quickly penetrates dirt, grease, grime, etc., and holds it in suspension for easy removal. It cleans everything from floors to greasy plant machinery. It is excellent for steam cleaning and safe on painted surfaces when diluted as directed. It can be applied by steam cleaner, spraying, brushing, mopping, or wiping. Rinse with water or wipe clean with damp cloth. On heavier soil, allow solution to soak and penetrate, but not to dry before rinsing or wiping clean.

Formula 41 is a high purity, general purpose solvent degreaser with relatively high flash point (>140°F), which allows it to be used more safely than other lower flash solvents. This high flash point also makes for easier disposal of the spent solvent. In many cases, a licensed used oil reclaimer can recycle it (check with your federal, state, and local authorities). It is an excellent parts washer and degreaser as well as a general-purpose solvent. It loosens grease, oil, dirt, grime and sludge allowing for easy removal and cleanup.

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