Here are a few of our products. We can custom design a product to meet your requirements. Please contact us for additional information.

A 502 Grease

A502 Grease is a heavy-duty, multi-purpose grease, proven to be outstanding for chassis and bearing lubrication. It is fortified with extreme pressure agents to provide protection even when the best conventional lubricants fail quickly. The extreme pressure agents protect the bearing from scoring and destructive wear under the highest loading conditions. A502 Grease is a NLGI #2 grease. It is also available as a NLGI #1 (A501 Grease), a NLGI 0 (A500 Grease), a NLGI 00 (A5000 Grease) and a NLGI 000 (A50000 Grease).

B-10 Block Grease

is a solid lubricant for economical and highly efficient lubrication of side rods and journals of old steam engines. It was formulated for the lubrication of open bearings that are subject to heavy weight pressures and high temperature conditions of conducted heat from outside sources. It can also be used on side roads and wrist pins.

Bestcool 208

is a synthetic, heavy duty, water soluble, metal working fluid designed for a large cross section of metal working operations. This is not merely a coolant, a lubricant, or a rust inhibitor, but a unique combination of all these functions plus many added features. It contains a high level of additives, which improve lubricity and give it extreme pressure properties not found in most synthetic coolants. Also included are several additives designed to give it a long, trouble free life and prevent spoilage, bacterial growth, and residue build up. Unlike most metal working fluids, it is not affected by hard water, and functions to reduce the misting of water-based fluid. This metal working fluid itself acts as a light duty cleaner for parts and equipment, and deposits a short-term rust protective film.

Bestcool Four Star

a multi-purpose, water soluble fluid for a wide range of manufacturing and machining operations.  Its high lubricity, excellent heat transfer properties, and non-reactive nature, make it a superior product, suited for use on ferrous and nonferrous metals such as copper and aluminum.

Bestcut 105

is a multi purpose water-soluble fluid for a wide range of manufacturing and machining operations. Its high lubricity, excellent heat transfer properties, and non-reactive nature, make it a superior product, especially suited for use on nonferrous metals such as copper and aluminum. Its outstanding rust protective properties and oil base formulation give it desirable qualities for the protection and lubrication of equipment. It is designed to handle nearly all fabricating and machining operations on copper and aluminum, as well as cutting, drilling, milling, grinding, and turning operations.

Bestcut (100,150, 300, 590) LSC

products are heavy duty, multi-purpose cutting oils for use in a wide variety of machining operations that require straight oil. They are formulated with special boundary lubricant additives and high levels of extreme pressure additives. With the different viscosities available, almost all machining operations can be handled very efficiently with one of the Bestcut LSC products.

Bestcut 762

is a very heavy-duty type, multi-purpose cutting oil, specally suited for high speed, high production gun drilling and trepanning applications. It utilizes some of the latest developments in surface chemistry to make a product that outperforms even the best conventional high EP and fatty type oils. It is a combination of a whole group of high performance chemical EP agents, rust and corrosion inhibitors, friction reducing agents and anti-wear materials. The fluid’s viscosity is balanced to reduce misting and supply a high rate of chip removal, along with a heat transfer rate that is well suited for the use of carbide tooling. Bestcut 762 is formulated to handle the toughest stainless steels, high nickel alloys and other alloys in gun drilling and trepanning operations. Because of its special properties, it is also well suited for many other tough cutting, turning, drilling and milling operations.

Best Tap 2400 EP

is an extreme pressure lubricant designed specifically for general purpose tapping operations. It contains high levels of extreme pressure additives as well as boundary lubricant additives and anti-corrosion ingredients. Its very high viscosity gives Best Tap 2400 EP adequate body for all tapping operations insuring adherence to the tap throughout the entire tapping operation. It is used as received and applied by hand.

Bio-Cinn NF 220

a multi-viscosity, multi-purpose, biodegradable lubricant, designed for heavy duty industrial applications.  Its inherently superior thermal and oxidation stability, coupled with outstanding anti-oxidants, EP, and anti-wear agents, far exceeds the capabilities of conventional lubricants.

Blue Tacky 803 Grease

is a premium, heavy duty, multi-purpose lithium complex grease specially designed for both low and high temperature performance. This high melting point grease is enhanced with special additives to give it very high film strength, anti-wear and EP performance. It incorporates premium quality, high flash point oils and combines them with special polymers to give it greater staying power than conventional greases. It has a blue colored smooth tacky appearance that readily identifies it from normal automotive grease products. This combination also makes it very resistant to water and gives it that special adherence to metallic surfaces.

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