NSF Registered Products

Interlube Corporation offers many products that are registered with NSF as acceptable for incidental food contact (H1).  Several more products meet the requirements for H1 approval as established by the USDA.  To see more of our food grade products, check out the Food & Beverage Processing page.  Here is a list of our NSF registered products:

Cinn-Lube FG MPA                 FG-One Food Machinery Lubricant

Cinnfluid 1000 GB+1             Heat Transfer Oil 235

Cinnfluid 1200 GB+1              K-Draw 165

Cinnfluid 155 AW+1                White Cote 1150 GB+1

Cinnfluid 1650 GB+1              White Cote 160 AW+1

Cinnfluid 235 AW+1                White Cote 1650 GB+1

Cinnfluid 310 AW+1                White Cote 210 AW+1

Cinnfluid 460 GB+1                White Cote 2400 GB+1

Cinnfluid 500 GB+1                White Cote 3400 GB+1

Cinnfluid 680 GB+1                White Cote 350 AW+1

Cinnfluid 750 GB+1                   White Cote 500 AW+1

Cinnfluid HTC 1200                   White Cote 550 AW+1

Cinnfluid HTC 155                   White Cote 5500 GB+1

Cinnfluid HTC 235                   White Cote 750 AW+1

Cinnfluid HTC 310                      White Cote 8300 GB+1

Cinnfluid HTC 500                     White Cote 90-140 Non Drip

Cinnfluid HTC 750                      White Cote FM

Cinnguard 950                        White Cote HTP

Cinnguard 951                              White Cote SAE 80W-90 Non Drip

Cinnguard 952