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Interlube Corporation manufactures a variety of mineral and synthetic vacuum pump lubricants. They are formulated to meet a wide variety of equipment manufacturers’ specifications for use in a wide variety of vacuum and pressure pumps. Always refer to the equipment manufacturer’s manual for specifications and compatibility of fluids.

Interlube Corporation’s vacuum pump lubricants find wide application in the following manufacturing and processing industries: breweries/distilleries, food processing, pharmaceutical, assembly plants, and all other manufacturing operations.

Here are a few of our products. We can custom design a product to meet your requirements. Please contact us for additional information.

See our Compressor page for compressor lubricants.

Thank you for considering Interlube Corporation as your lubricant and cleaning compound vendor and partner.

Vacuum Pump Oils PD are premium quality, detergent type oils specially compounded for vacuum pump applications. They are made from high quality paraffinic base stocks with detergent, anti-wear, anti-corrosion, antioxidant and anti-foam additives. They are very effective in applications that require high temperature stability. In many adverse applications, the Vacuum Pump Oils PD completely out perform conventional R & O oils. Years of experience show that these oils provide extended service life of pumps. Be sure to follow the vacuum pump manufacturers’ recommendations for the proper viscosity and oil quality required for a particular compressor. Vacuum Pump Oils PD are available in many viscosity grades.

Vacuum Pump Oils are special low volatility oils, formulated to give superior rust and oxidation resistance, excellent demulsibility and outstanding anti-wear and anti-foam properties. These oils assure efficient pumping operations. They are available in many viscosity grades to cover most vacuum pump applications. Always refer to the equipment manufacturer’s manual for specifications.

Cinnfluid HTC products are premium, food grade, synthetic vacuum pump fluids designed to give outstanding performance in most vacuum pumps. These products have exceptional thermal and oxidation stability, which results in reducing the formation of varnish, lacquer and sludge deposits. Its high viscosity index and low pour point are natural properties of the base synthetic fluid. This is a third generation product in the development of food grade fluids and is designed for 3000-hour change intervals. The shear stability of these products and its outstanding oxidation stability result in significantly longer lubricant life with reduced downtime for maintenance. Cinnfluid HTC lubricants are available in many viscosity grades. Please consult the equipment manufacturer’s specifications and Interlube Corporation to select the correct viscosity fluid.

Flushing Oil 10 is an economical, safe, and effective product used to flush systems, such as vacuum pumps, when a change of fluid is desired. All equipment and fluid manufacturers recommend a thorough system cleaning when changing vacuum pump fluids. The new fluid will work much more effectively and efficiently when the current fluid is removed and the system totally flushed of foreign material and the current fluid. Ideally, a final flush should be performed with the new fluid. Please contact Interlube Corporation for detailed instructions for flushing your particular system.

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