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Interlube Corporation manufactures a complete line of lubricants and cleaning compounds for the metalworking industry.

Metalworking can be classified into two types: metal forming and metal removal. Metal forming operations, such as forging, rolling, extrusion, drawing, wire drawing, stamping, swaging and roll forming, form metal through deformation of the metal. Metal removal operations remove metal by applying a tool at an appropriate speed and force to remove the metal as chips. These include turning, milling, broaching, threading, drilling, tapping, cutoff, grinding, polishing and lapping.

Interlube Corporation manufactures an extensive line of metalworking lubricants for all of the above metalworking operations. Straight oils, synthetics, and semi-synthetics are all available. A variety of viscosities, extreme pressure types, and additive combinations make it possible for Interlube Corporation to develop a metalworking product to do the job necessary for our customers. Interlube’s technical staff works closely with our customers to provide them the correct product and services for the job.

Here are a few of our products. We can custom design a product to meet your requirements. Please contact us for additional information.

Thank you for considering Interlube Corporation as your lubricant and cleaning compound vendor and partner.

Bestcool 222 EP is a premium, semi-synthetic, multi purpose water soluble fluid designed for a wide range of machining operations. It's multi-purpose EP formulation is especially suitable for applications on multi-spindle machines, which include a wide range of machining operations such as boring, cutoff, drilling, milling, turning, slotting and threading. It is composed of a special combination of high performance mineral oils, synthetics, emulsifying agents, EP agents, boundary lubricants, rust protective agents, anti-foam agents, biocides and other performance additives. This unique combination allows it to perform extremely well on all types of carbon steels and tough alloys, and yet it is an equally good performer on nonferrous metals such as copper and aluminum. It has outstanding rust protective properties and its oil base formulation gives it desirable qualities for the protection and lubrication of expensive equipment.

Bestcut 193 EP Soluble Concentrate is based on metal surface chemistry. This action effectively overcomes intense heat, rapid tool wear and inaccuracy problems arising from extreme cutting tool pressures and high cutting speeds, which cause fast chip movement across the tool face. The extreme pressure agents cling so tightly, due to their natural affinity for the metal, that they continue to function at pressure as high as the deformation point of the metal itself. As chips are formed and forced across the tool cutting edge and chip control areas, the extreme pressure agents reduce the severe friction. The total effect of this selective lubrication, plus water-cooling, permits finer finishes, prevents chip welds, preserves tool cutting edges and prolongs tool service life.

Bestcut 105 is a multi purpose water-soluble fluid for a wide range of manufacturing and machining operations. Its high lubricity, excellent heat transfer properties, and non-reactive nature, make it a superior product, especially suited for use on nonferrous metals such as copper and aluminum. Its outstanding rust protective properties and oil base formulation give it desirable qualities for the protection and lubrication of equipment. It is designed to handle nearly all fabricating and machining operations on copper and aluminum, as well as cutting, drilling, milling, grinding, and turning operations.

Bestcool 208 is a completely synthetic, heavy duty, water soluble, metal working fluid designed for a large cross section of metal working operations. This is not merely a coolant, a lubricant, or a rust inhibitor, but a unique combination of all these functions plus many added features. It contains a high level of additives, which improve lubricity and give it extreme pressure properties not found in most synthetic coolants. Also included are several additives designed to give it a long, trouble free life and prevent spoilage, bacterial growth, and residue build up. Unlike most metal working fluids, it is not affected by hard water, and functions to reduce the misting of water-based fluid. This metal working fluid itself acts as a light duty cleaner for parts and equipment, and deposits a short-term rust protective film.

Drawing Compound 134B is a very heavy duty, EP type, multi purpose, water-soluble drawing compound specially suited for high speed, high production runs. It utilizes the latest developments in surface chemistry to make a water-soluble product, which out performs even the best high EP and fatty type oil soluble compounds in high-speed operations. This product is not a simple emulsified chlorinated oil or an EP soluble oil with a different name. It was formulated from scratch with the best available drawing agents. It combines a whole group of high performance chemical, extreme pressure agents, rust and corrosion inhibitors, and friction reducing wetting agents. This unique combination results in a water reducible product with overall performance properties exceeding those of straight oil and fatty oil-based products. Drawing Compound 134B can be used on all metals. Use levels will vary with the severity of the drawing operation, the amount of heat produced in the draw, the rate of drawing speed, and die design. It is also available in a heavier viscosity grade: Drawing Compound 268B.

K-Draw 67 HF is a food grade synthetic lubricant, designed for drawing, stamping, and forming operations. It is specially formulated for moderate to heavy-duty applications where very low residues are desired. It contains solvents, cleaners and solublizers to keep residues low and highly efficient boundary lubricants to prevent buildup of materials on the metals surfaces. K-Draw 67 HF is formulated with materials that meet US FDA requirements for incidental contact with food products and is USDA H-1 listed. It is also designed for a wide range of application methods and can be applied by hand wiping, brushing, drip applicators, transfer pads, and various spraying methods.

Evaporative Stamping Lubricant 170 is designed for light to heavy duty forming operations and light to moderate duty drawing applications. It has unique properties as a forming and stamping lubricant due to its exceptional wetting and cleaning ability, as well as its lubricating capabilities. It finds use in a wide range of forming and stamping operations as well as some coining applications. Another major benefit of Evaporative Stamping Lubricant 170 is that it does not leave unwanted residues, which require extensive and expensive cleaning operations. You can use it to do the forming operation and proceed to subsequent operations or final use applications without a cleaning step. Evaporative Stamping Lubricant 170 is an exceptional multi-purpose product, which is safe on all metals and most plastics. It can be dipped, rolled, sprayed, brushed, wiped or otherwise transferred prior to the operation. Application just prior to the operation is recommended. It is used just as it comes out of the drum. It normally does not require use of other additives or diluents and should be used as is. Its high flash point makes it much safer to use than many competitive products and it does not cause staining or discoloration.

Thread Cutting Oil 300 is designed and manufactured to exacting specifications, which result in a product that is multi functional, exhibits excellent extreme pressure lubrication and better than average lubricity. In circumstances where only one product can be purchased Thread Cutting Oil 300 is an excellent choice. Thread cutting by hand or by automatic machines, along with tapping is also possible. The relatively high viscosity, 300 SUS at 100ºF, results in much slower runoff than products of lesser viscosity. This formulation is effective in reducing friction at the tool thread interface resulting in lower temperatures, faster, deeper and more uniform cuts. It can be use on all types of steel, including stainless steel. Because of the unique balance of ingredients, materials such as copper, nickel silver, phosphor bronze and other nonferrous metals can be cut with very minor discoloration. The high film strength that is built into Thread Cutting Oil 300 allows it to be used in applications where various grades of steels are machined. The use of a centrifuge will allow the separation of chips from the cutting oil and subsequent reuse of the product.

Bestcut 762 is a very heavy-duty type, multi-purpose cutting oil, specially suited for high speed, high production gun drilling and trepanning applications. It utilizes some of the latest developments in surface chemistry to make a product that outperforms even the best conventional high EP and fatty type oils. It is a combination of a whole group of high performance chemical EP agents, rust and corrosion inhibitors, friction reducing agents and anti-wear materials. The fluid’s viscosity is balanced to reduce misting and supply a high rate of chip removal, along with a heat transfer rate that is well suited for the use of carbide tooling. Bestcut 762 is formulated to handle the toughest stainless steels, high nickel alloys and other alloys in gun drilling and trepanning operations. Because of its special properties, it is also well suited for many other tough cutting, turning, drilling and milling operations.

Formula 6755-1 Water Displacing Rust Preventative is a water displacing rust inhibitor especially suited for protecting parts and equipment during processing and/or storage. It has a unique penetrating - displacing action which results in the formation of an adherent - impenetrable rust preventative film. It contains solvent based materials which aid penetration and film formation and then evaporate, leaving a durable protective film which stands up to high humidity, weathering, and even water immersion or condensation run off. The protective film is slightly oily to the touch, transparent, and non conductive. Formula 6755-1 can be applied by brushing, dipping, slushing, or spraying. It forms a uniform film on dipping (~ 0.15 mil) and gives a high coverage rate.

Protect-O-Cote products are a series of versatile and effective rust preventatives for use under the most severe corrosion conditions. The Protect-O-Cote products have solvent carriers and, on evaporation of the solvent, they deposit an amber, translucent, “dry to the touch" film that gives long-term indoor and outdoor corrosion protection. The film protects metal surfaces against corrosion when exposed to extremes of high humidity, high and low temperatures, water mists, salt-water sprays, and environmental fumes. Protection supplied by the Protect-O-Cote products ranges from a long term indoor storage from Protect-O-Cote 1000 to long term outdoor storage from Protect-O-Cote OS. Protect-O-Cote products do not remove rust, but after thorough removal of loose scales, they can be applied to rusted surfaces to prevent further corrosion.

Bestcut (100,150, 300, 590) LSC products are heavy duty, multi purpose cutting oils for use in a wide variety of machining operations that require straight oil. They are formulated with special boundary lubricant additives and high levels of extreme pressure additives. With the different viscosities available, almost all machining operations can be handled very efficiently with one of the Bestcut LSC products.

Best Tap 2400 EP is an extreme pressure lubricant designed specifically for general purpose tapping operations. It contains high levels of extreme pressure additives as well as boundary lubricant additives and anti-corrosion ingredients. Its very high viscosity gives Best Tap 2400 EP adequate body for all tapping operations insuring adherence to the tap throughout the entire tapping operation. It is used as received and applied by hand.

Wire Drawing Products - Interlube Corporation distributes a variety of wire drawing products that are used in many wire drawing applications. These include: rod breakdown, bare copper wire, copper-tin wire, silver wire and nickel-copper wire. Interlube Corporation has vast experience in the wire drawing area, supported by its own laboratory that performs many tests on wire drawing solutions for preventative maintenance and problem solving purposes. In most cases, problems with the wire drawing solution can be detected and fixed after thorough testing of the solution. Our products are used in a wide variety of wire drawing machines such as: single wire machines, multi-wire machines, rod breakdown machines and also in the annealing process of some machines.


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