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Interlube Corporation manufactures a complete line of compressor lubricants for use in all types of compressors – rotary and reciprocating. These lubricants meet the appropriate specifications of all major compressor manufacturers. Interlube’s product line includes mineral oil based and synthetic compressor lubricants.

Here are a few of our products. We can custom design a product to meet your requirements. Please contact us for additional information. Thank you for considering Interlube Corporation as your lubricant and cleaning compound vendor and partner.

Carbonless Air Compressor Oils are made from selected high quality base oils meeting rigid standards. These oils are fortified against oxidation, rust and corrosion. The efficiency of air compressors can be extended by positive control of contaminants, of which carbon is one of the worst. If allowed to build up on internal surfaces it can literally shut down a compressor. Carbonless Air Compressor Oils eliminate damage that carbon causes: what little carbon that forms can be blown off because it is soft and loosely held, consequently use of these oils results in longer trouble-free operation of compressor systems. These lubricants are available in many viscosity grades.

Compressor Oils 10, 20, & 30 PD are premium quality, detergent type oils specially compounded for compressor applications. They are made from high quality paraffinic base stocks with detergent, anti-wear, anti-corrosion, antioxidant and anti-foam additives. They are very effective in applications that require high temperature stability. In many adverse applications the PD compressor oils completely out perform conventional R & O oils and automatic transmission fluid. Localized conditions such as higher than normal temperatures at the air intake or high level of air borne contaminants may require fluids of this type to assure long life and low maintenance costs. Years of experience show that these oils give extended service life. Be sure to follow compressor manufacturer’s recommendations for the proper viscosity and oil quality required for a particular compressor.

Compressor Oil 16, 18, 21 & 31 are premium quality, extended life rotary compressor lubricants. They are formulated to give outstanding rust and oxidation resistance, as well as improved sludge resistance. They are especially effective in moderate to high temperature applications, which rapidly destroy the oxidation inhibitors of many conventional R & O oils.

Cinncom SHC 32, 46, 68 & 100 are premium quality, synthetic hydrocarbon based, compressor fluids designed to give outstanding performance in oil flooded rotary vane and rotary screw compressors. They have exceptional thermal and oxidation stability that results in minimizing the formation of varnish, lacquer, and sludge deposits. Their high VI and low pour points are inherent "Molecular Advantages" of these completely synthetic products. The outstanding properties of these products result in significantly longer lubricant life (extended drain intervals), longer equipment life (reduced wear), reduced downtime (increased production time), improved safety and lower maintenance costs. All of these add up to lower overall costs in your business. Other viscosity grades are available.

Cinnfluid HTC products are premium, food grade, synthetic compressor fluids designed to give outstanding performance in oil flooded rotary vane and rotary screw compressors. These products have exceptional thermal and oxidation stability, which results in reducing the formation of varnish, lacquer and sludge deposits. Its high viscosity index and low pour point are natural properties of the base synthetic fluid. This is a third generation product in the development of food grade compressor fluids and is designed for 3000-hour change intervals. The shear stability of these products and its outstanding oxidation stability result in significantly longer lubricant life with reduced downtime for maintenance. Cinnfluid HTC compressor lubricants are available in many viscosity grades.

Synthetic Compressor Lubricant #44 and #50 are specifically formulated for rotary compressors (rotary vane and rotary screw). They have outstanding performance in a wide range of rotary compressor applications. Their synthetic formulations make them perform varnish and carbon free; they have outstanding oxidation resistance and very good thermal stability. These products have excellent solvent properties resulting in actually removing built up carbon and varnish deposits during their first few days of operating in a system that previously employed a conventional lubricant. Therefore, after the first few days of operation in such a system, the initial fill should be removed, the oil filters changed and a fresh fill added.

Synthetic Compressor Lubricant #55 is a similar product to the 44 and 50, but is higher in viscosity and developed specially for reciprocating compressors.

Refrigeration Oil 155 and 300 are premium quality refrigeration oils specially refined from carefully selected base stocks to give long, trouble free service. They are designed to lubricate properly under the severe demands of refrigeration systems and have the chemical and thermal stability to assure years of uninterrupted service. They are compatible with, and essentially equal to, the oils originally used by the equipment manufacturers.

Synthetic Refrigeration Compressor Oils 150 and 300 are totally synthetic, food grade refrigeration fluids designed to replace mineral oil based refrigeration oils in compressors using ammonia, R-12, R-22 and R114. Because of their totally synthetic nature they have no wax content and no real flock point. They are specially designed for industrial and marine use and are more chemically and thermally stable than their mineral oil counterparts. This added stability means less sludge and acid formation, which is a significant advantage for these products.

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