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Interlube Corporation is an international distributor and manufacturer of industrial specialty lubricants and cleaners. It has operated under its present corporate structure since October, 1969 in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, and has continuous operational and technical experience dating back to 1919 – giving Interlube 85 years of industrial experience.

Interlube Corporation’s products are available worldwide through our direct sales organization and our distributors. Sales efforts are supported by our laboratory and technical departments staffed by Chemists, Biologist, Q.C. Specialists, and Engineers. Our product line is very extensive. We can supply products for all of your production, maintenance and warehouse requirements.

Our superior products assure extended equipment life, minimize maintenance and reduce energy consumption. Many of our products have been approved by third party testing organizations.

Here is an outline of our products:


Hydrolic Oils
Turbine Oils
Compressor Oils
Air Tools Oils
Fire Resistant Hyd. Fluids
Penetrating Oils
Way Lubes
Polymer Oils
Cylinder Oils
Moly Lubricating Oils
Non Drip Oils
Chain Oils
Multi Purpose Oils
Automatic Lubricator Oils
Synthetic Lubricants


Rolling Mill Lubricants
Moly Hi Lo
Red Hi Lo
White Cote
Metallic Open Gear
Wheel Bearing
Wire Rope
Food Machinery Greases
Block Grease
E.P. Lithium
Chassis Grease
Moly Greases
Ball Bearing
Water Pump
Multi Purpose Grease


Food Grade Lubricants
(Complete Line > 200 Products)
Compressor Lubricants
Heat Transfer Fluid
Chain Lubricants
Gear Lubricants
High Temperature Grease
Low Temperatures
Turbine Lubricants
Military Specifications
Rolling & Drawing Lubes
Stamping Lubricants
Synthetic Coolants
Synthetic Regrigeration Lubricants


Aerosol Cleaners & Lubricants
Maintenance Aerosols
Degreasing Solvents
Electric Motor Cleaners
USDA Approved Cleaners
Multi Purpose Cleaners
Paper Mill Felt Cleaners
Rust Preventatives
Metal Cleaning
Paint Strippers
Steam Cleaners
High Pressure Cleaners
Chain Lubricants
Truck Wash
Aluminum Brighteners
Tar & Asphalt Removers
Release Agents
Pain Booth Maintenance


Industrial Gear Lubes
Mineral Transmission Lubes
Military Gear Lubes
Moly Gear Lubes
AGMA Grades
Red Multi Purpose/Non Drip
Special E.P. Gear Lubes
Worm Gear Lubes
Motor Traction Lubes


Diesel Motor Oils
R.R. Diesel Engine Oils
Non Detergent Motor Oils
Polymer Motor Oils
Automatic Transmission Fluid
Fuel Conditioners
Military Specifications
Jet Turbine Lubricants
Railroad Lubricants


Cutting Oils
Soluble Oils
E.P. Soluble Oils
Semi Synthetics
Specialty Cleaners
Heat Transfer Oils
Quenching Oils
Drawing & Forging
Stamping Compounds
Wire Drawing Fluids
Release Agents


Couplers, Adapters, etc.
Grease Guns
AutoLubers & Electrolubers
Grease & Oil Pumps
Flex Hoses
Fluid Dispensers
Automatic Lubrication Systems

Interlube’s technical services department is available to survey your facility. We can analyze, develop, and formulate products to meet your specific requirements. We invite your inquiries.

We are often asked if our products are available to distributors or for private label sales. These opportunities are sometimes available. Please contact us for additional information.

Interlube Corporation has been a manufacturing member of the Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association (ILMA) since 1979. Our employees are active in ILMA, Mid States Meat Association, Wire Association International, The Greater Cincinnati, City of Norwood, and State of Ohio Chambers of Commerce, and the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers. We are proud to be a certified drug free work place.

Thank you for considering Interlube Corporation as your lubricant and cleaning compound vendor and partner.


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